Brazington Mortgage, LLC is your private money specialist. Our lenders are your millionaires next door. Make sense underwriting may help you get the operating capital you need for any worthy business purpose. Contact Stan Brazington at 509-990-9599 and get started today. You can also email or follow any one of a number of links to contact Stan through this web site.

We have helped business owners pay past due taxes, consolidate debt,  payoff judgments and get cash to finance any business related purpose. We have also helped land developers pay contractors, landlords remodel rental properties, builders finish partially complete homes, builders build a spec home, commercial property owners refinance, payoff balloon payments and many other business related purposes.

All our loans are secured by real estate. Your equity in non-owner occupied residential real estate, commercial real estate, farm, ranch, land only or recreational property may be used to secure the money you need for your business.

We cannot fund a consumer loan or a loan secured by your owner-occupied residence.

Please call today and we can get started.

Brazington Mortgage, LLC
Stan Brazington
509-990-9599 (Cell)

Find the solution that fits your needs.

Need a Property?

If you need a commercial property for your business, want to buy an income producing property or filp a property for profit, Brazington Mortgage, LLC may be able help you. Provided your loan request is for commercial, business or investment purposes we may be able to close your loan request, provided we cannot encumber a home you intend to occupy.


Need to Refinance?

We fund your loan with private money lenders. These lenders are your millionaire next door. Although we cannot compete with the low interest rates offered by Banks and Credit Unions, our private money lenders interest rates are most often lower than most hard money lenders. We invite you to click on a link to explore what we can do for you now.


Need Hard Money?

If you have a lot of equity in any of your investment properties and had trouble getting a loan from a conventional lender, or have recently been affected by divorce, illness or bankruptcy, a private money loan may be the best alternative available to you. We fund business, commercial and investment related loan only. We cannot encumber your owner-occupied home for any loan purpose.


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