Property Types

- Property Types We Lend On –

Scan through the list of property types below to see if we can help fund your next Commercial Loan project. If you have any questions or concerns, please Ask an Expert.

All real estate loans originated by Brazington Mortgage, LLC must be business related loans.

We cannot encumber an owner occupied residence for any loan purpose. We can encumber a non-owner occupied residence or muti-family residence, provided the loan purpose is business related.

Below is a short list of property types you can use to secure your commercial loan:

• Single Family Residence (Non-owner occupied)
• Townhome / Residential Condo (Non-owner occupied)
• Multi Family (2-4 Units) (Non-owner occupied)
• Multi Family (5+ Units) (Owner and non-owner occupied)
• Agricultural Use
• Apartment (5-20 Units)
• Apartment (21+ Units)                 
• Bed & Breakfast (Non-owner occupied)
• Campground / RV Park
• Condo Conversion (Non-owner occupied)
• Day Care Center
• Development (Residential)
• Development (Commercial)
• Educational Center
• Golf Course
• Investment Condo                     
• Land                     
• Light Industrial                     
• Marina (Lake Access)
• Marina (Ocean Access)
• Mixed Use
• Mobile Home Park                     

• Office
• Office Condo
• Parking Garage                     
• Restaurant
• Retail
• Rooming House (Non-owner occupied)
• Self Storage
• Warehouse
• Warehouse Condo
• Working Capital


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